Researcher Training and Development – EME Hub

For Postdoctoral Staff

Career Development for Researchers

As a member of your Faculty you will be supported in the development of your skills and knowledge in the areas of personal, management and leadership competencies to help achieve research, faculty and University objectives.

Staff training and development is a joint responsibility between you and your line manager. All staff are encouraged to have an individual Development Plan and this will normally be agreed as part of the SRDS process.

Before any training takes place, it is important to complete an application form and you should also complete the 'debrief' section at the rear of the form. It is the joint responsibility of the individual and his/her line manager to ensure this takes place. Your completed application form should then be passed to your Head of School or nominee. Records of all training and development activity will be entered onto SAP. Your Faculty Executive Committee will be responsible for annually reviewing training and development activity and future training and development needs; it will also review training and development related expenditure.

A wide and varied programme of courses and workshops is provided for research staff by the University Staff and Departmental Development Unit (SDDU), IT, the Careers Centre and the LOGIK Centre and you are encouraged to discuss opportunities for further training and development with your Line Manager via your SRDS.

In addition, your Hub training and development team offers a wide range of courses, workshops and other professional development opportunities. Please see our Course Guide. You can also apply for a mentor via the University’s Mentoring Scheme.



The Concordat to Support the Career Development of Researchers

Launched in 2008, the Concordat is signed by the major funders of research in the UK and supported by a wide range of sector based bodies, including the University of Leeds. It has seven key principles aimed at ensuring maximum benefit to research staff, their employing organisation and the UK research base during their time as researchers.

The University policy was launched in March 2007 after extensive consultation and is entirely in line with the new Concordat. Covering seven key aspects of employment and the responsibilities for implementing and delivering the policy in Faculties, Schools and the University, it provides a clear statement of the University's expectations for the support, management and development of researchers.